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iCandy Cherry is a super 3 in 1 combination, comprising Carrycot, Pram and Pushchair.
It is one of our best selling combinations and offers real value for money.
It is available in all four colours shown.
The combination no longer comes with the adaptors to take the maxi cosi cabriofix car seat, they are available as an optional extra.
The pushchair, which faces two ways, is available to purchase alone but is not suitable to use for long periods from birth.
Baby would need to be at least three months old to enable you to use for long periods.
For more details, please contact us from our "Contact" page.

iCandy Apple, shown here in different modes. The Maxi Cosi Cabriofix fits on the Apple's chassis with the special adaptors available seperately from iCandy. It can be purchased as a Combination Unit or simply as a pushchair which will face Mum. Ideally this pushchair should only be used from approximately when baby is three months old.
The Apple is now available with a jogger front wheel which makes it suitable for off-road activities.This model is proving to be very popular indeed.
The Flavour pack is available in a choice of colours as shown above and this comprises a Pushchair hood core seat snuggle cushion liner for extra comfort.
Having purchased the Apple as a single unit, should you wish to convert it to the Pear for use with two children, then this is a super option.
Please use our contact page to find out more about the iCandy range of prams and pushchairs.
icandy apple stroller blackberry hood and footmuff
The beauty of the iCandy Pear is that, once you have purchased the Apple Combi for your first child, you could buy the add on kit to make it into the Pear.
Alternatively, you can buy the Pear as a double transport system if you discover you are having twins or another child when the first child still needs transportation.
The Pear is very versatile indeed as it can take two small carrycots, one small carrycot and a pushchair seat unit, or one infant car seat and a pushchair seat.
For the best information you can find on this, please visit the icandy web site.
iCandy does not allow it's retailers to publish prices on their web sites or to sell it's products from the internet.

You can obtain more information by contacting us on 01554 754819. Please see our contact page for our opening times.
icandy cherry stroller liquorice
best selling car seat
Maxi Cosi Cabriofix
icandy apple jogger blackberry hood
Apple Stroller showing
Blackberry Hood and
Apple Jogger
Apple Carrycot
icandy apple stroller grape flavour
icandy apple redcurrant flavour
icandy apple imperial flavour
icandy cherry carrycot blueberry
icandy cherry stroller blueberry
With Flavour Pack
(Hood & Core Seat Snuggle)
in Grape
With Flavour Pack
(Hood & Core Seat Snuggle)
in Redcurrant
With Flavour Pack
(Hood & Core Seat Snuggle)
in Imperial
With Flavour Pack
(Hood & Core Seat Snuggle)
in Mandarin
icandy peach stroller black jack
icandy peach chassis with cabriofix car seat
icandy peach carrycot black jack
icandy peach pushchair black jack
icandy peach stroller tomato
icandy peach carrycot tomato
icandy peach bag tomato
icandy peach footmuff black jack
icandy peach parasol sweet pea
The latest edition to the iCandy family is the superb Peach model. Like it's older sister the Apple, this too, can be upgraded as your family beccomes bigger. With the addition of the peach blossom converter, you can upgrade to the Peach Blossom twin pushchair.
All the accessories are available in all the colours.
Peach Blossom
Peach Blossom Twin
Sweet Pea
Black Jack
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icandy pear tandem
pear tandem
icandy pear tandem
pear tandem
icandy special edition cherry
icandy special edition cherry carrycot
icandy special edition cherry stroller
icandy special edition cherry bag
icandy cherry special edition parasol